Snowy Owl – Malta, NY – January 6, 2019



Pileated Woodpecker – Ballston Spa, NY – January 5, 2019


Vischer Ferry Preserve, NY – June 30, 2018









Double-Crested Cormorant in Acadia National Park 2020

Male (above) and female (below) Pileated Woodpeckers out our front window – December 2020.
A flock of Sand Hill Cranes resting during their migration through New York State in the Sand Hill Crane Unit of Montezuma Wildlife Refuge.
Sand Hill Cranes flying over the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge at sunset.
A pair of Bald Eagles perched at sunset in the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge.
A Great Egret flies by in the Scarborough Marsh in Cumberland County, Maine.
This cardinal was not shy and allowed me this close up shot while walking through the Gilsland Farm Audubon Center in Maine.
Juvenile Bald Eagle perched above us as we kayak underneath him.
We spotted this adult Bald Eagle hiding in this tree while kayaking the Mohawk River.
Juvenile Bald Eagle.
Heron rookery near Ballston Spa, NY.
This Semipalmated Plover was spotted at the Scarborough Marsh in Maine.
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