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The Bald Eagle. While out walking through the Preserve in the spring of 2017, we encountered a man who noticed our interest in the birds around us and pointed to a Bald Eagle perched vigilantly in a nearby tree overlooking the Mohawk River. The man and Kevin started photographing the eagle, Kevin with his Canon point-and-shoot and the man with a serious-looking camera with even more serious-looking telephoto lens. Kind enough to share the images he captured with us, we clearly felt the power and proximity of the incredible bird that was not replicated in Kevin’s shots. The photo above is from the Canon that day.

As we thanked the man and the eagle (at least I did – I have a habit of talking directly with almost all sentient beings) and made our way back down the path, I asked a question I already knew the answer to: Do you think you’d be interested in a camera like that? Two weeks later a Nikon D3400 and assorted lenses arrived at our doorstep and a new obsession was born.

The image below, taken on a cool spring day near their nest this year, validated the investment.

A very great vision is needed and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky. — Crazy Horse


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  1. Kevin’s photos are a gift to all of us! Thanks for sharing them! 🙂


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